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We are a company committed to bringing professional and reliable one-on-one business solutions. With a business-to-business approach, we make IT understandable and informative. Using many technologies with our own customized applications and networks, we brings to your company only what is needed. We strive to build viable solutions for our clients. We start with the basics of knowing the client needs, then build a complete solution to accomodate the problems at hand. If we find a 3rd party solution which is reliable and cost-effective we will integrate it into the package. If the 3rd party solution is too costly, then we take our dilemma to our research and development department to design a more viable solution.

IT Fired Up.Com is also partnered with many vendors and service companies to provide a full spectrum of IT services. Services such as desktop publishing, website design, and collaboration/meeting services. IT Fired Up.Com is here to help your business grow and thrive in this ever changing economic environment.

  • Advanced Microsoft Exchange 2000/2003 WebDAV Programming
  • Professional Data Management Applications
  • Data Integration Services with Microsoft SQL 2000/200x
  • .NET Framework Development Experts
  • Proprietary Application Development for Clients
  • Automating Data Recieving/Processing/Analysis
  • Microsoft Office Integration to Business Processes
  • XML Data Communication and Processing
  • Custom Report Programming
  • Full network management services
  • Professional training services for office users
Network Implementation/Support, Website Design/Maintenance, Desktop Publishing/Reporting, Application Design/Support, Marketing Services, Virtualization Specialists, Server Specialists, Hosted Services

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