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Microsoft Windows 2003/2008 Small Business Server - Rollouts Begin @ $1800.00 CDN

Microsoft's Small Business Server edition is used primarily for starting organizations looking for a cost effective all-in-one solution. The operating system is easy to install and implement. Includes Microsoft Exchange Server, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Sharepoint Web Server, Internet Information Services, Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Web Access, DNS, DHCP, Active Directory, an dmuch more.

 • Microsoft Small Business Server

Microsoft Windows XP Professional, Vista, Windows 7

Microsoft Windows desktop and workstation editions is a vital environment for users to interface with successfully. The operating system provides a reliable and stable software interface with your hardware. A secure solutions to accessing all your network resources.

 • Microsoft Desktop and Workstation Editions

Microsoft Office 2003/2007/2010 Professional/Small Business Eidtion/Basic

Microsoft Office has brought a huge stepping stone into the Information Technology management areana. Combined with Windows Sharepoint Portal Services, Office can aid in organizing and distributing corporate information in a secure and reliable environment. From creating complex surveys in just minuites to project management, Microsoft Office solutions will continue to play an increasing role in corporate environments.

 • Microsoft Office
 • Microsoft Office Downloads

Website/Desktop Publishing Design, Marketing and Maintenance

IT Fired Up.Com has full website design services for all our clients. We will help you brand your company to suite your brochures or marketing material. Or if your business requires us to design and distribute your brochures, we are happy to do so. From corporate reporting to marketing, IT Fired Up.Com is there for your business needs.

Microsoft Exchange 2003/2007/2010

Microsoft Exchange collaboration server is vital to many corporations around the world. Exchange servers allow companies to communicate internally and externally with the use of email, instant messaging, calendaring, and contact management. It is a secure and reliable collaboration system both accessible via the web and email clients. Exchange server runs on a proprietary database easily accessible by programmers to produce a custom messaging and project collaboration application. Exchange is the number one choice for small to enterprise corporations due to its ease of administration.

 • Microsoft Exchange Server

Dell Servers/Workstations/Desktops/Laptops

IT Fired Up.Com believes strongly in customer service. Companies can have the greatest products on the market, but with poor customer service and followup, the software/hardware is useless to a business. IT Fired Up.Com uses primarily Dell Poweredge servers for the reliability and quick repair response. A 4 hour or Next Business Day response is critical for any business system. For office and field machines, we use the Dell business line of products. This includes Vostro, Latitude, Precision and XPS systems. These products are backed by full business support.

 • Dell Corp.

Linux Server/Workstation Systems

Linux has come along way from its origins by Linus Torvald. It has proven to be both a reliable server and workstation system. Though Linux has not proven itself strongly in the office environment, it has become a serious customizable server system. The power of Linux in server systems is its ability to customize performance to the needs of small to large corporations. The stability is one of the greatest assests of Linux operating systems.

 • RedHat Linux

Hewlett Packard Printing Systems

IT Fired Up.Com has used HP products from day one. They are reliable and inexpensive solutions for both small and large organizations. The systems generally required very little maintenance and is backed by excellent warranties. Printers such as the HP LaserJet series have proven to be economical and easy to use. Inkjet is another one of HP's wonderful inventions great for oil and gas exploration firms. From at home printing units to professional plotters, HP is there is serve companies.

 • HP Corp.

Canon Printing Systems

Canon has also been an excellent provider of professional series home and business printing solutions. Their products are found across the world in enterprise corporations. For graphical presentation and editing systems, they are the ones to choose.

 • Canon Corp.

XML Web Services

XML is the wave of the future for both networks and applications. XML web services is a committment by all the major hardware and software development industries to produce a universal communication language. This allows for cross platform management and application development without the hurdles of incompatible architectures. XML is the major driving force of Microsoft and IBM. Both are producing highly compatible multi-language communication systems. Cross platform operations will decrease application and network development costs for a wide range of company sizes. It is suggested that XML will make its mark in the next two years as cell phones have for society.

Wireless Network Solutions

Wireless has continued to gain ground over wired networks. Wireless devices are continuing to decrease in price. IT Fired Up.Com specializes in wireless access point installation. Securing the networks using built in encryption and MAC address filtering. For a multi-level office, it is highly feasible solution of moving around and staying connected to a high-speed network.

Wireless Application Solutions

Applications for wireless networks have grown greatly. Solutions such as inventory mobile scanning solutions to contact databases, these solutions allow for mobility through a wide area, without the cables needed for communication.
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