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Technical support services can be conglomerated with Managed Services. If the business does not have the requirement for Managed Services, businesses have the option to pay on an hourly basis. All rates will be discussed with the client prior to start of services. Rates will be dependent on the requirements of the business. IT Fired Up.Com will bill out rates that are fair to both parties. IT Fired Up.Com can assist in your IT needs by filling in gaps or providing software support and training that the current IT does not have time to complete. For small businesses, you can request a monthly or bi-monthly maintenance schedule to make sure your IT is secure and operating optimally. For further information please contact a local sales representative.

Below is further information on setup of devices and computers for access to our data centers.

Client Email Setup Instructions/Access

1. POP3 Outlook/Phone Email (ONLY) Setup Information (Symbian, Blackberries, iPhones, Windows Mobile)

Username and passwords will be emailed to client's alternate email, supplied through phone or letter. You must have this information be setup can continue. You can add email accounts by going to Tools | Account Settings in Outlook 2003 or later. Use the following information to setup a POP3 account.

   Incoming Mail Server:
   Outgoing Mail Server:

You must turn on SMTP Authentication, and select use same credentials as login radio button. If you are still unable to send, this is because your ISP is blocking SMTP access except to their internal servers. In this case you will need to use the ISP mail server. You can call you ISP to retrieve this information for the outgoing server only.

2. External or Remote Access (OWA)

You can also access your email via Outlook Web Access, ie; OWA. Open up any browser and type in the address bar You will use the same username and password supplied to you. The look will be similar to Outlook 2003. Functionality is limited, but will allow you to access all your information via web.

You may receive a SSL certificate error if you type in a incorrect address. The SSL certificate is registered to, and using any other domain in the address will cause a certificate error.

3. Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync Setup (Windows Mobile or iPhone Devices)

For Exchange ActiveSync setup on Windows Mobile or iPhone devices, please use the following.


Username and password is the same as the supplied information in email, letter or phone. The server uses SSL for encryption, so please check on the SSL option. Email address is your Allow the phone to sync for several minuites with the server. We recommend a reboot after sync has completed.

Advantages of Exchange ActiveSync is that all your contacts, calendar, tasks, and email will sync wirelessly without plug in to a computer.

4. Additional Emails or Password Reset

You can request for email aliases, or email account additions by sending your request to If you require your password reset, please contact us by phone (403) 606-2714, and we will reset your password while online with you.

5. Blackberry Enterprise Server Activation (BES)

Please contact us by phone (403) 606-2714 or email and we will assist you with activation by appointment of over the phone support. For Blackberry Enterprise Activation your company must have a hosted Blackberry Server. As well, your Blackberry account must be a business plan with the BES option enabled by your phone company. Please make sure all criteria is met before contacting us for activation.

6. Setup of Outlook Anywhere Access with Outlook 2003 or Higher

This feature is like Exchange ActiveSync but on a laptop or desktop computer with Outlook 2003 or higher. This must be the first account in the Outlook Profile as it becomes the master account. You will first VPN to our network. Then go to Tools | Account Settings. You will chosoe add a new email account. Then choose Microsoft Exchange, POP3, IMAP, HTTP account. Check on Manually Configure Server Settings, then click Next. Choose Microsoft Exchange and click Next. The Microsoft Exchange Server: test02srv. The User Name: is username supplied previously. Click More Settings button. Choose Connection tab, and check on Connect to Microsoft Exchange Using HTTP. Click Exchange Proxy Settings button. In https:// field type From the drop down box Use this authentication when connecting to my proxy server for Exchange, select Basic Authentication, then click OK, and OK again. Click Next, then Finish. You will then need to exit Outlook again, and start Outlook again. The first time sync may take several minuites to hours depending on amount of data. When Outlook reads All Folders Up to Date in the bottom right corner of Outlook window, please exit and disconnect VPN. Next, start Outlook again and you will be presented with a username and password box. You will use your supplied username and password everytime you need to access Outlook.

Remote Terminal Servers, Offline Files, VPN and Other Advanced Access

These access types will be setup by a IT Fired technical representatives. Please contact us via phone (403) 606-2714 or email to setup a appointment.

*All support and setup is considered billable time and will be billed at the rate which was agreed upon. Thank you.
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