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Microsoft Exchange 2003 Server

The world's premiere email and collaboration system is now available at your finger tips. We will host your domain, and provide spam and virus filtering services. Users can then use our other services such as Microsoft Exchange 2003 ActiveSync to access the data on the Microsoft Exchange Servers. When coupled with our other services, users do not need to worry about backups and data storage issues with their Outlook information. Exchange 2003 can be coupled with many other services to provide a synchronous messaging system.

Managed services can provide a one stop shop for your technical needs, allowing you to focus on your business processes. Users can roam with no interruption in their service. There is no need for businesses to manage their onsite servers, as all connections are made at our data center.

Some businesses do need onsite servers, and in those instances we will provide a server on site through a purchase plan, rental, or leasing option. This gives businesses the flexibility to move from a hosted service to a managed service at will.

Microsoft Outlook Web Access

Many companies require email access but not necessarily network access. OWA or Outlook Web Access is perfect for these situations. OWA allows for users to access collaboration data in Microsoft Exchange, but without requiring Microsoft Outlook installation on the remote computer. This also gives businesses the security protocol to protect their proprietary data. Only allowing the minimal access to data protects against disgruntle employees, virus and spyware attacks, and the most critical data security.

Microsoft Exchange 2003 ActiveSync

The phone has become a critical part of business. Having a synced phone with one source for contacts, calendar and tasks will assist users both on the road and in the office. There is no more waiting for pulling up your contact information in a meeting or at lunch. Phone using the Windows Mobile or iPhone operating system can sync to Microsoft Exchange. We do not host Blackberry Enterprise Servers, but can do so upon request. Blackberry requires a license and separate Blackberry Enterprise Server for hosting similar services for each individual organization. We do not suggest using this service as there are many pitfalls that will affect users. Every BES activated phone will be formatted and wiped every time it is added or removed from a BES server. Data plans are more expensive than retail Blackberry plans on a BES activated phone due to data being routed through RIM corporate servers. We only recommend proven technologies for our clients, and Blackberry is currently not on the list. If you do require Blackberry Enterprise Server hosting, we will build a custom virtualized BES server and host the system in our site or the client site. BES servers must have direct connection to the Exchange Server. If the organization would like to use a Blackberry phones without a BES server, users can be configured to sync to the desktop systems to their Exchange Outlook profile. This will allow for contacts, tasks and calendar to sync, while also maintaining wireless email sync and notifications.

Microsoft Outlook Anywhere Access

Microsoft Outlook 2003 and above is a critical part in keeping organized. By storing all the information in Microsoft Exchange, users can access a single store of information from any Outlook 2003 or higher client. Users will now have a single place and one copy of the data on every machine, rather than having one calendar on a desktop and another on a laptop. All data is accessed securely using SSL technology. This piece of the pie is the main linking technology for remote users. Users can setup many Outlook Anywhere Access profiles, whether it be on a home or work system. This allows for data to be in sync in all locations, rather than having to carry around laptops all the time.

VPN Services

We have hosted VPN services where users may connect up to the dedicated VPN server to access each other's computer securely. Users can also connect offices together with our VPN services for file and print sharing. We have dedicated VPN servers that businesses use to login to the data center. Once in the data center system, users may access all the data that they have stored in the system. This can be access from home, work or vacation at anytime, or restricted to a specific time frame.

Website Hosting/Domain Hosting

We host custom built website by IT Fired Up.Com. These are managed websites that have had their code verified to run properly and securely on our servers. The applications can be hosted on either a shared platform (ie; other clients on the same server) or on a dedicated platform (ie; application has a dedicated server). Either way, we maintain security between application access. Remote Backup All data placed on the server is backed up and stored securely. When combined with our other services, users will only need a dummy terminal to access their data. For remote network drive access please contact us about pricing. Remote network access entails VPN encrypted tunnels, FTP, or a terminal session back to the data center. Please read information under VPN Services.

Sharepoint 3.0 Hosted Services

Sharepoint is the replacement technology for Public Folders in Outlook. It is a far more featured and solid product many of the Document Management systems for sale right now. Sharepoint uses webparts to manage and store data. Data is accessible through any web browser, and users can customized their pages look and functionality. Sharepoint provides functionality to project partners without having to give them local network access to your servers. It is easy to manage and maintain document versions without requiring expensive document management systems.

Hosted Remote Desktop Access and Windows XP Terminal Services

Being able to separate work from home PC's has been a challenge for many organizations. Users want to work from home, but companies don't have control over home PC's security. By using Terminal Services technology from Microsoft, company data now stays on company machines, and home data remains on home user machines. No need to install special applications or manage security on home machine. All updates and applications can now be loaded onto a Terminal Server system. Users get sent a connection shortcut to our dedicated Terminal Services systems. No need for complicated configurations or security settings. You can access the Terminal Server anywhere there is high speed Internet connection, or 3G networks.

If a Terminal Server becomes corrupt, we can quickly recover the system from virtual images. Downtime is minimal, or we will move your login to another functional Terminal Server system. All systems are backed up and maintained on Dell Poweredge servers. We focus primarily on consultant requirements when moving from site to site. Consultants that need access to a central storage of all their data in a secure environment can use Hosted Terminal Services. With full access to Microsoft Office 2003/2007, users can edit and save documents back to the hosted servers, and not have to worry about updates and security.

Later versions of Windows will be used for Terminal Server. Currently we are evaluating the pros and cons of Windows Vista and 7. Due to the reliability of Windows XP technology, we will continue to keep our clients on these systems. Windows 7 will be available upon request to technical users only.

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