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Network Solutions

IT Fired Up.Com provides a complete solution for companies. We will design your network solution based on secure network models that we have proven to work in industry. Most of the solutions are cost-effective and easy to manage. From wireless to cabled network technologies, there is nothing in the way of progress. Strivng to provide a converged and cohesive network solution for all our clients. We base most of our solutions on Windows 2000/2003 and Linux servers. There are several reasons for our choices of server operating systems, here are some.

Microsoft has coalesced over one hundred Exchange servers into seven. This clearly shows the power of Windows as a enterprise solution. Linux on the other hand offers a lowcost development and network filtering solution. Both provide excellent customer service on their software, and excellent technical articles online for quick solutions to problems faced by corporations. With many types of network hardware and database servers using Linux core operating systems, Linux is a must in network solutions. Generally clients will use Linux as a database server for online web solutions, and custom built firewall protection. A Windows server is then used to control domain security and authentication.

We also implement and support wireless devices and notebooks. Many corporations require users to be mobile from their offices to their boardrooms and beyond. IT Fired Up.Com recommends IPAQ/HTC/iPhone devices for time management and Dell, HP and Panasonic for notebook devices.

Our rates are $75.00/hr CDN for consulting and support, dependent on the nature of the support required. We do not hide or charge unexpected fees. We believe in openness, and trustworthiness. Explore all your corporate opportunites with IT Fired

Network Intrusion Detection/Scanning Infected Networks

IT Fired Up.Com is and expert at detecting and filtering network traffic. Many cases our clients need proof of a secure network. We will install a Network Intrusion Device that will assist in capturing network traffic, and allow us to analyze the sources and destination of traffic. We will diagram and explain the network solution in an easy to understand format. Clients need good knowledge of their network to quickly identify problem areas.
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